Alliance For Automotive Innovation Comments To The Federal Communications Committee on 5.9 GHz

By March 10, 2020 March 18th, 2020 No Comments

Reducing the amount of spectrum available for auto safety applications would compromise the technology’s life-saving potential.

Read more in our comments to the Federal Communications Committee on 5.9 GHZ.


“Repurposing over half of the Safety Spectrum to allow for unlicensed and wireless uses could cause harmful interference, which would affect the integrity of safety critical V2X communications and cost lives. DSRC and C-V2X are lifesaving technologies and there’s no room for error here—delays of even thousandths of a single second matter for transportation safety.

Without certainty that there would be no harmful interference, the FCC would be doing a disservice to the public by taking away the 5.9 GHz spectrum band from safety technology and instead giving it to Wi-Fi systems and other unlicensed operations.” – Auto Innovators