January 24, 2022 Press Release

Advancing Innovation: Auto Innovators Highlight Consumer Privacy Principles

The Alliance for Automotive Innovation (Auto Innovators) marked the beginning of Data Privacy Week by underscoring the auto industry’s ongoing commitment to protect consumer privacy.
In 2014, 20 automakers made a commitment to protect the personal data of vehicle owners and operators across the United States. Known as the Consumer Privacy Protection Principles (Privacy Principles), these enforceable, groundbreaking guidelines set the stage for increased transparency and data privacy for drivers and provided consumers access to information about how their data is collected and utilized.
“Data privacy is playing an ever-increasing role in modern society. In the ongoing pursuit of a cleaner, safer, and smarter transportation future that is made possible through data-driven innovations, these Privacy Principles are more important than ever,” Auto Innovators President and CEO John Bozzella said. “The auto industry continues to engage with key regulators and elected officials at all levels of government so that our industry’s leadership and experiences can inform policymaker efforts.”
Through the Privacy Principles, the auto industry is leading the way for consumers. Learn more about Auto Innovators’ efforts to protect consumer privacy here.