Today’s vehicles are cleaner, safer, and smarter. The auto industry is committed to developing innovative technologies that provide real-world solutions, increase energy efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and provide the widest range of options to meet our customers’ driving needs.

Electric Drive

The Power of Electric

Automakers offer a wide variety of electric vehicles (EVs), from small cars to large cars, SUVs to minivans, luxury to economy. These vehicles are clean, efficient, reliable, safe, and fun to drive and are available in more than 110 models of plug-in hybrids, fully electric, and fuel-cell electric vehicles.

Fuel Economy

More Choice in Energy-Efficient Vehicles

Automakers continue investments in improving fuel economy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, the new vehicle fleet achieved a record high fuel economy of 25.5 mpg and record low greenhouse gas emissions. Today, more than 90 models achieve better than 40 mpg.  

25.5 mpg
record high fuel economy
90 models
with better than 40 mpg

Fuel Publications

The North American Fuel Survey & Worldwide Fuel Charter

Auto Innovators participates in the Worldwide Fuel Charter Committee to produce global fuel quality recommendations. Auto Innovators also conducts an extensive gasoline and diesel fuel survey throughout North America.