We work with industry leaders, legislators, regulators, and other stakeholders in Washington, DC and 50 state capitals to create the kind of public policy that promotes innovation, vehicle safety and environmental responsibility.

Connected Automation

We support the development of connected cars that bring real-world safety benefits and enhance the driver experience. Advances in connected and automated technologies allow vehicles to detect and respond to the surrounding environment. These advances hold a host of new opportunities for safety and mobility. Vehicle automation on the road today—such as adaptive cruise control, Lane Keeping Assist and automatic emergency braking—is already bringing safety benefits. Connected vehicle technology further improves safety with enhanced crash avoidance capabilities and the ability to communicate with other vehicles and the surrounding roadway. These exciting technologies are also helping to support the testing and deployment of fully automated, self-driving vehicles.

Energy & Environment

We advance the industry’s environmental goals by working with policymakers to ensure sound regulations that protect the environment, spur innovation, and account for the needs of consumers.

Vehicle Safety

We work with regulators and policymakers to make vehicle safety priority one. From designs and innovations that can help protect occupants in a crash, to on-board technologies that help drivers avoid or mitigate a crash, the automobile industry is constantly striving to improve motor vehicle and traffic safety.

Road safety is a shared responsibility between governments, industry, non–governmental organizations and road users. Focusing on behavioral issues is critical to enhancing road safety, including encouraging safety belt use, raising awareness of risks from distracted driving and preventing impaired driving. Together with all stakeholders, Auto Innovators is working to address the nation’s most pressing road safety concerns.

Public Policy Agenda

Automakers and suppliers are making significant investments in innovation in the United States that will improve safety, reduce emissions, and support American jobs.

Innovation Agenda

The Auto Innovation Agenda outlines Auto Innovators’ comprehensive, national strategy to preserve and enhance U.S. competitiveness in automotive innovation.

Electric Vehicle Agenda

For the United States to be at the forefront of creating an even cleaner future, we need a comprehensive plan that takes the present market realities into consideration, as well as the on-going investment and innovation in internal combustion engine technologies.


Advances in motor vehicle safety technology are making their way into cars faster than ever before – faster than the government can establish regulations.

Driver Monitoring Principles

Auto Innovators principles proactively address effective driver monitoring systems for Level 2 vehicles, in which both lane centering and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) are simultaneously engaged.

V2X: The Road Ahead

The auto industry remains committed to V2X technology and is eager to work with policymakers and other stakeholders to bring this important safety technology to the United States market. To foster a policy and regulatory environment that will support the wide-scale deployment of V2X technology, the Alliance for Automotive Innovation has made ten policy recommendations.