November 08, 2023 Press Release

Statement on Maine's Question 4

WASHINGTON, DC – Alliance for Automotive Innovation released the following statement on the results of Maine’s Question 4 ballot initiative.

John Bozzella, president and CEO of Alliance for Automotive Innovation, said:

“The Question 4 results are disappointing but hardly surprising. Out-of-state, big-box auto retailers – that don’t speak for independent auto repairers – spent nearly $5 million trying to scare Mainers into thinking that the right-to-repair their vehicles was going away.

“It will not go away. Automotive right-to-repair already exists. Mainers can get their vehicle repaired anywhere, anytime, anyplace. That was true yesterday, and it’s true today and tomorrow.

“Out-of-state auto retailers backed this referendum for one reason: to grab your private vehicle telematics data and get access to your dashboard so they can try to sell you things. That’s not the definition of right-to-repair.

“The legislature should examine this referendum in 2024 and consider legislation to codify the national cooperation agreement that already exists – and has worked well for a decade – between independent repairers and automakers.”

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