How Automakers are Driving Innovation

The automotive industry is driving innovation and global technological advancement. As a result, today’s automobile represents the most sophisticated technology owned by most consumers. From the early stages of planning, automakers design new vehicles with a range of diverse technologies that meet customer needs for comfort, convenience, and safety while improving performance and energy efficiency. Virtually every aspect of the modern automobile is now high-tech, using state-of-the-art materials and processes that rely on highly skilled workers.

Policy Roadmap To Advance Automated Vehicle Innovation

Auto Innovators has released a comprehensive roadmap to guide federal government policies that can advance the testing and deployment of automated vehicles (AVs) in the United States.

How Innovation Gets to Market

An automobile purchased today is the product of years of R&D and investments. Typically, it takes five years or more for a technology or a new model vehicle to go from design to testing, from production to sale.

Connected Vehicles

When the car moves from being a closed box to a “mobile device” with the ability to communicate, that is a “Connected Car.”

Automated Vehicles

Vehicle automation on the road today—such as adaptive cruise control, dynamic brake support, and automatic emergency braking—is already bringing safety benefits.


Automakers are working proactively to address the complexities and challenges of an increasingly connected and interconnected automotive ecosystem.

Automotive Privacy

Protecting Connected Consumer Data

To prepare for an increasingly interconnected future, automakers are anticipating and acting to address the complexities and challenges that the future may bring.