Fuels and vehicles are a system, and fuel quality is critical to the performance of a vehicle. Auto Innovators conducts an extensive gasoline and diesel fuel survey throughout North America. Auto Innovators also participates in the Worldwide Fuel Charter Committee, a collection of vehicle and engine manufacturers from around the world, focused on fuel quality recommendations.

North American Fuel Survey

The Alliance for Automotive Innovation conducts a North American Fuel Survey twice a year, collecting gasoline and diesel samples from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The reports are subject to terms and conditions of the Auto Innovators Limited License Agreement.

Inquiries on the fuel survey and submission of the signed Limited Licensing Agreement should contact Dan Bowerson: dbowerson@autosinnovate.org.

Worldwide Fuel Charter

Representing vehicle and engine manufacturers from around the world, the Worldwide Fuel Charter (WWFC) Committee published the sixth edition of the Worldwide Fuel Charter for Gasoline and Diesel Fuel, as well as the first edition of the new Charter on Methane-based Transportation Fuels. Auto Innovators is an active participant on the WWFC Committee.

The WWFC was established in 1998 to increase understanding of the fuel quality needs of motor vehicle and engine technologies, and to promote worldwide fuel quality harmonization. Vehicles and engines work with fuels as a system, so matching fuel quality to vehicle and engine technology will provide the best vehicle and engine performance and minimize emissions and fuel consumption for the various categories of technologies. Matching fuel quality to vehicle/engine capabilities also provides a path to fuel quality harmonization worldwide and to improved functioning of transportation markets.