May 26, 2021 Press Release

Statement on Senator John Thune’s AV Amendment #2018

Attributable to Alliance for Automotive Innovation President and CEO John Bozzella:

“The nations that lead the development of AVs will have the potential to guide the development of international standards, control supply chains, and define international markets. A technology such as automated vehicles has implications far beyond transportation. This amendment represents an important steppingstone to maintaining and enhancing U.S. leadership in automotive innovation and manufacturing. It is not just about the future of the auto industry or improved roadway safety – it is about the nation’s global competitiveness and economic security. Global competitors – including China – are not waiting for the U.S. to act. 

“Auto Innovators applauds Sen. Thune’s continued commitment to preserving U.S. leadership in realizing the transformative safety and mobility benefits of highly automated vehicle technology.”

In December 2020, Auto Innovators released the industry’s AV Roadmap. Learn more here.