Alliance for Automotive Innovation hosted the inaugural Auto Tech Showcase: Innovation on the Road on September 26 – September 27 in Washington, D.C. to demonstrate the innovative and transformational technology shaping mobility.

Featured Speakers

Alliance for Automotive Innovation’s John Bozzella Kicks Off 2023 Auto Tech Showcase

“Today’s vehicles are as clean, as safe and as smart as they’ve ever been… and we’re just getting started…”


Luminar’s Austin Russell at Alliance for Automotive Innovation’s 2023 Auto Tech Showcase

“It’s absolutely incredible what we can do when we scale this successfully. I think that’s really the thing for Washington… an opportunity to set the new safety standard for the industry and for the world…” –Austin Russell

NTSB Chair Jennifer Homendy at 2023 Auto Tech Showcase

“I really want to thank the industry for leading on technology… it is a gamechanger when it comes to safety. It will save lives.”


Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for EERE Jeff Marootian at 2023 Auto Tech Showcase

“Innovation – that’s really at the heart of what we’re talking about today.”


Qualcomm’s Laurie Self at 2023 Auto Tech Showcase

“The industry is on a path toward a zero-crash future where vehicles are #safer, more automated and more intelligent. This is not just a vision, it’s a reality that is taking shape before our eyes.”


Volvo Car USA and Canada’s Jim Nichols at 2023 Auto Tech Showcase

“We’re very proud to be part of making American roads safer.”


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