A Comprehensive National Strategy to Preserve and Enhance U.S. Competitiveness in Automotive Innovation

The Auto Innovation Agenda outlines Auto Innovators’ comprehensive, national strategy to preserve and enhance U.S. competitiveness in automotive innovation. It represents a broad, holistic vision of the complementary supply- and demand-side policies necessary to support U.S. leadership across the automotive sector at a time when the auto industry is on the cusp of tremendous change.

Supply-side recommendations include: incentivize research and development, modernize regulatory approaches for advanced technologies, support manufacturing investments, and encourage workforce evolution. The report outlines the need for consumer incentives, infrastructure investment, building codes, and ways for governments to lead by example on the demand-side.

The Automotive Industry’s IP Policy Priorities

To help support the development and deployment of cutting-edge technologies to meet crucial safety and environmental goals, the Alliance for Automotive Innovation offers the following policy recommendations: