September 01, 2021 Press Release

Auto Innovators Announces EV Charging Infrastructure Principles

The Alliance for Automotive Innovation (Auto Innovators) today unveiled EV Charging Infrastructure Principles to advance electric vehicle (EV) acceptance and use in the United States and is sharing these principles with a wide range of partners and stakeholders, who have roles in expanding EV charging availability.

“The auto industry is committed to a cleaner transportation future, and by 2025 will have invested $330 billion toward vehicle electrification,” said Auto Innovators President and CEO John Bozzella. “Charging infrastructure is a key element to any comprehensive national vision and strategy for EVs. Consumers will not buy vehicles they cannot conveniently charge or refuel. For the auto industry’s transition to electrification to be successful, customers will need access to affordable and convenient charging and hydrogen fueling, easy-to-understand utility rate structures that reward off-peak charging, and improved charging times. And we must also work together to grow EV sales without leaving low-income, rural, or disadvantaged communities behind.”  

The EV Infrastructure Guiding Principles focus on the importance of infrastructure investments and developments, including legislative and utility-based processes and policies that will support more customers as they buy or lease EVs. The principles include elements, such as:

·       No-compromise mobility;

·       Public-private partnerships for accelerated infrastructure deployment;

·       Utility rates and programs for EV charging;

·       Timely and cost-effective grid upgrades;

·       Ensuring all utility customers benefit from EV transportation; and

·       Building codes that incorporate EV chargers in new construction.

Read the full EV Infrastructure Guiding Principles here. The set of principles released today builds on Auto Innovators’ EV Agenda and discussion with industry experts. The importance of EV infrastructure for a cleaner transportation future will be further highlighted in the September 14 Future Driven Forum, Accelerating Electrification: Plugging In; register here to join this expert-led conversation on EV charging.