The Road to a Cleaner, Safer, Smarter Future

A Cleaner Future

Cleaner. More Efficient. More Choice. These are the main tenants behind the new vehicles that automakers continue bringing to customers. From cleaner-running vehicles, to vehicles driving farther on traditional and alternative fuels, to more zero-emission options – automakers are committed to ensuring consumers have choices when selecting the vehicle that is right for them.

A Safer Future

Safety advances that save lives. While road safety is a shared responsibility among governments, industry, non–governmental organizations and road users, automakers are working hard to bring innovative and potentially lifesaving safety improvements to vehicles. Working together with all stakeholders, Auto Innovators is addressing the nation’s most pressing road safety concerns.

A Smarter Future

It has been said that the modern automobile is the most sophisticated piece of technology the consumer will own. And vehicles keep getting smarter. Innovation has always been the industry’s hallmark, and these new technologies will advance mobility in ways once thought impossible. Automakers, together with their partners in technology suppliers, are committed to innovating in ways that will not only make vehicles cleaner and even safer, but also safely revolutionize personal mobility.

The Industry

America’s automobile industry is one of the nation’s most powerful economic engines. The manufacturers building cars and light trucks, along with their suppliers and dealers, generate billions of dollars for the U.S. economy, and employ tens of thousands of skilled workers in all 50 states – coast to coast.