February 22, 2022 Press Release

Statement on Administration's Supply Chain Announcement

Statement attributable to Auto Innovators President and CEO John Bozzella, regarding today’s supply chain announcement from the Administration:

“Mainstream vehicle electrification will require we collectively address hydrogen and charging infrastructure, vehicle and fuel costs, customer confidence, and production that includes robust and resilient supply chains.

“Resilient supply chains are key to long-term investments in advanced automotive technologies in the U.S., including electrification, advanced safety features, and automated driving systems.

“Across the country, the automotive industry is helping to fuel our nation’s economic growth and is leading the way to an even cleaner, safer and smarter automotive future. But innovation is only as good as the supply chains necessary to make it a reality. A long-term, comprehensive approach to supply chain resiliency, particularly concerning semiconductors, high-capacity batteries, and critical minerals is essential for U.S. manufacturing and global leadership, as well as cutting-edge auto technology developments.

“We look forward to continuing to work with the Biden Administration on this critical issue.”

More Information on Auto Innovators Efforts:

– During the November Autos 2050 Summit, Auto Innovators’ John Bozzella asked Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm about “the challenges and opportunities for securing raw minerals here in the United States at home so that we can have some domestic control over the key components of our EV future.” In that discussion, Secretary Granholm said, “In order to be a strong nation, you have to be able to make things and the backbone of our manufacturing sector is the automobile, and that means the backbone of vehicle 2.0, which is the electric vehicle, must be part of that industrial strategy.” The full discussion can be viewed here, and highlights can be found here.

– Auto Innovators’ Innovation Agenda includes important supply chain considerations.

– Early last year, Auto Innovators sent a joint industry letter to Biden which outlined the importance of supply chain security – among other items such as charging and hydrogen refueling infrastructure, and consumer awareness – for the U.S. to be a leader in a cleaner transportation future.

– Last April, Auto Innovators submitted comments to the Department of Defense regarding Executive Order 14017 (“America’s Supply Chains”). The comments note: “A strong domestic EV battery manufacturing and recycling policy can provide national energy security, increase domestic jobs, and make electric vehicles more affordable.  Auto Innovators supports domestic EV battery manufacturing and recycling policies that can be cost-competitive globally and aid in creating sustainable supply chains for battery manufacturing.”