April 17, 2023 Press Release

Auto Innovators Statement on Updated EV Tax Credit Eligibility

WASHINGTON, DC – Alliance for Automotive Innovation released the following statement after the IRS published an updated list of electric vehicles that currently qualify for the 30D EV tax credit.

John Bozzella, president and CEO of Alliance for Automotive Innovation, said: “This isn’t a surprise and what I meant when I said March would go down as the highwater mark for EV tax credit eligibility since the passage of the IRA.

“Customer affordability is a key condition for a successful EV transition (along with charging, critical mineral availability and utility capacity), so that’s why we’ve been focused on making the 30D incentive as broadly available to as many customers and on as many EVs as possible.

“Keep in mind: the IRS guidance isn’t frozen in time. The content thresholds will ramp up in the coming years. The IRS list of qualifying vehicles could also change over time (both up and down) as supply chains localize and our country partners with allies on mineral agreements – something that is well underway.”