January 17, 2023 Press Release

Auto Innovators Welcomes Five New Members

Companies joining from across the entire automotive ecosystem: automakers, semiconductor and technology leaders, battery manufacturers, and suppliers

WASHINGTON, DC – Alliance for Automotive Innovation today announced five new members have joined the association’s expanding roster of original equipment manufacturers, suppliers and transportation innovators.

John Bozzella, president and CEO of Alliance for Automotive Innovation, said: “Our association represents the entire automotive industry – automakers, innovators, semiconductor and battery manufacturers, and a range of suppliers. Each of these new members adds valuable perspective to our collective work on the future of mobility.”

New members include:

  • BASF supplies and develops functional materials and solutions that enable vehicles to be built more efficiently and have a lower environmental impact, whatever powertrain technology they use. As the No. 1 chemical supplier to the automotive industry, BASF’s product range includes plastics, coatings, catalysts, automotive fluids as well as battery materials.
  • Envision AESC is a global battery technology company committed to research, development, design, manufacturing, and sales of power batteries for EVs and energy storage batteries. The company is headquartered in Kanagawa, Japan, with current U.S. operations in Smyrna, Tennessee and future plants in Bowling Green, Kentucky and Florence, South Carolina.
  • LG is a global technology innovator and supplier of EV batteries and automotive technology components, including autonomous, connectivity, electrification, display and lighting solutions. The company employs nearly 7,000 people in the U.S. and 250,000 globally. LG is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea and maintains a vast presence in the U.S., to include LG Electronics headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.
  • McLaren Automotive is a creator of luxury, high-performance vehicles. Launched in 2010, the company is now the largest part of the McLaren Group with a product portfolio of GT, supercar, Motorsport and Ultimate models retailed in over 40 markets around the world.
  • Qualcomm is a world leader in wireless technology and innovation and the driving force behind the digital transformation of the automotive industry. The San Diego-based company’s Snapdragon® Digital Chassis is a comprehensive set of cloud-connected automotive platforms for telematics and connectivity, computing, and driver assistance and autonomy. Qualcomm allows automakers to deliver connected and intelligent experiences that are safer, customizable, and immersive with new technology features and digital services available on demand.

A list of Auto Innovator members is available here.