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V2X Policy Agenda

V2X technology allows a vehicle to communicate wirelessly with other vehicles, roadway infrastructure, or other road users to share real-time information about the driving environment, and holds promise to help save lives and time by enabling safer and more efficient transportation. To realize its full potential, a regulatory and policy environment that supports deployment and encourages investment by industry and other stakeholders is needed.

The auto industry remains committed to V2X technology and is eager to work with policymakers and other stakeholders to bring this important safety technology to the United States market. To foster a policy and regulatory environment that will support the wide-scale deployment of V2X technology, the Alliance for Automotive Innovation has made ten policy recommendations. Download the V2X agenda to learn more.

Download The V2X Agenda

Multi-Association Statement on V2X

Expressing continued support for the rapid, widespread deployment of V2X technologies to further improve safety on American roads and recognizing 2023 as a pivotal year for V2X deployment.

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