December 20, 2021 Press Release

Auto Innovators Statement on Final EPA GHG Rule

John Bozzella, President and CEO of the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, made the following statement regarding the EPA’s final rule, Revised 2023 and Later Model Year Light-Duty Vehicle Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards:

“The auto industry continues to make significant progress improving fuel economy and reducing GHG emissions and is investing $330 billion in electrification by 2025. While the challenge before us is great, we are committed to achieving a cleaner, safer, and smarter future. EPA’s final rule for greenhouse gas emissions is even more aggressive than originally proposed, requiring a substantial increase in electric vehicle sales, well above the four percent of all light-duty sales today. Achieving the goals of this final rule will undoubtedly require enactment of supportive governmental policies – including consumer incentives, substantial infrastructure growth, fleet requirements, and support for U.S. manufacturing and supply chain development. Collaboration between industries across the economy and government will be essential to achieving our shared goals for a cleaner transportation future that benefits all communities and enhances U.S. economic competitiveness.”

Additional Background:

     - By 2025, the industry will have invested $330 billion toward electrification, and IHS Markit predicts 130 EV models will be available in the U.S. by 2026 (versus 50+ models today).
     - The auto sector supports over 10 million jobs from coast to coast.
     - In August 2021, Auto Innovators released a statement in support of aligning policies for a cleaner future and achieving EV purchases of 40-50% by the end of the decade.
     - Alignment and harmonization between federal agencies will be key, as will ensuring the right balance between additional GHG improvements and provisions to encourage additional investment in electric vehicles (like multipliers and zero upstream emissions).
     - Auto Innovators has outlined keys to transitioning to a cleaner transportation future in our Electric Vehicle Agenda, Innovation Agenda, EV Infrastructure Guiding Principles, and recently released Recommended Attributes for EV Charging Stations to address important considerations for publicly available EV charging.