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Autos Drive Ohio Forward

Industry Impact

198.6 Thousand total auto jobs in Ohio
2.82% depend on the auto industry for jobs
Total Labor Income Annually
Total Car Sales in 2018
Total New Cars Sold in 2018
Multi-industry contribution analysis of the economic impact of automotive manufacturing, selling, repairing, renting, and additional maintenance modeled using IMPLAN economic analysis data software, 2018 data year; compiled by Auto Alliance with data provided by IHS Markit, sales figures represent new vehicle registrations between January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018.

Tax Revenue

total state tax revenue
% of state tax revenue
new vehicle sales taxes
used vehicle sales taxes
sales tax on auto parts and services
vehicle use taxes (including gas taxes), licenses and fees
corporate profits tax
state income taxes



By Body Style

  • Cars 4,846,449 (45.11%)
  • CUVs 2,239,211 (20.84%)
  • SUVs 994,892 (9.26%)
  • Pickups 1,866,012 (17.37%)
  • Vans/Minivans 796,809 (7.42%)

By Powertrain

  • Gas 10,382,499 (96.64%)
  • Diesel 232,437 (2.16%)
  • Hybrid 114,040 (1.06%)
  • Electric 6,513 (0.06%)
  • Plug-In Hybrid 7,884 (0.07%)
The Ohio average age of vehicles is 11.55 years.

Figures compiled by Alliance for Automotive Innovation with data provided by IHS Markit as of December 31, 2018.

New Purchases

Vehicles Sold

By Body Style

  • Cars 175,681 (29.34%)
  • CUVs 254,031 (42.43%)
  • SUVs 44,863 (7.49%)
  • Pickups 91,946 (15.36%)
  • Vans/Minivans 32,178 (5.37%)

By Powertrain

  • Gas 574,444 (95.95%)
  • Diesel 10,869 (1.82%)
  • Hybrid 8,930 (1.49%)
  • Electric 3,006 (0.5%)
  • Plug-In Hybrid 1,450 (0.24%)

Auto-related Activity at Ports

Economic Activity From Past Decade

  • 994.5M 994.5 Million Total Imports
  • 1.9B 1.9 Billion Total Imports

Economic Activity from 2018

  • 130M 130 Million Total Imports
  • 253.6M 253.6 Million Total Imports

Compiled by the Alliance for Automotive Innovation with data provided by USA Trade Online, figures represent port activity over the past decade and between January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018.


  • Gasoline Stations 6455
  • Electric Charging Stations 431
  • Biodiesel Stations 4
  • Compressed Natural Gas Stations 43
  • Liquefied Natural Gas Stations 3
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas Stations 84

Compiled by Alliance for Automotive Innovation with data provided by U.S. Department of Energy's Alternative Fuels Data Center, figures represent fueling stations as of April 9, 2019.

Average MSRP Per New Car
Median Household Income
Median Monthly Household Income
Median Monthly New Car Payment
Car Payment As Percent Of Monthly Income

Commuting to Work

  • Drive Alone to Work (83%)
  • Carpool to Work (7%)
  • Take Public Transportation (1%)
  • Other (7%)

Figures compiled by Alliance for Automotive Innovation with data provided by IHS Markit, U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey 2017 and Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Median Monthly New Car Payment computed for a 60-month loan based on MSRP with 20% down and an APR of 5.36%.

Automaker's Facilities

BMW Group Location Employees
BMW Financial Services NA, LLC Hilliard OH 988
Ford Motor Company Location Employees
Ohio Assembly Plant Avon Lake OH 1600
Cleveland Engine Plant #1 Brook Park OH 1500
Lima Engine Plant Lima OH 1300
Cincinnati Regional Office Mason OH 23
Sharonville Transmission Plant Sharonville OH 1600
General Motors Location Employees
Defiance Casting Operations -- Global Propulsion Systems Defiance OH 587
GM Financial -- Cincinnati Branch Office Mason OH
DMAX Ltd. -- Global Propulsion Systems Moraine OH 688
Parma Metal Center Parma OH 1089
Toledo Transmission -- Global Propulsion Systems Toledo OH 778
Customer Care & Aftersales -- Parts Distribution Center -- Cincinnati West Chester OH
Honda Location Employees
Anna Engine Plant Anna OH
Columbus Research Labs Columbus OH
East Liberty Auto Plant East Liberty OH
Honda Heritage Center Marysville OH
Honda Lock-America Co., Inc. Marysville OH
Marysville Auto Plant Marysville OH
Performance Manufacturing Center Marysville OH
North American Auto Development Center Raymond OH
Transmission Plant - Ohio Russells Point OH
American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Parts Center Troy OH
Stellantis Location Employees
Toledo Machining Plant Perrysburg OH 79
Cleveland Parts Distribution Center Streetsboro OH 96
Toledo Assembly Complex Toledo OH 68
Subaru of America Location Employees
Central Region - Zone 3 Columbus (COL) Dublin OH 14
Subaru Service Training Center - Columbus Dublin OH 3