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Congressional District 18

Autos Drive New York Forward

Total Labor Income Annually
Total Car Sales in 2018
Total New Car Sold in 2018

Multi-industry contribution analysis of the economic impact of automotive manufacturing, selling, repairing, renting, and additional maintenance modeled using IMPLAN economic analysis data software, 2018 data year; compiled by Auto Alliance with data provided by IHS Markit, sales figures represent new vehicle registrations between January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018.

Tax Revenue

Total State Tax revenue
Corporate Profits Tax
State Income Taxes




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The New York congressional district 18 average age of vehicles is 9.83 years.

Figures compiled by Alliance for Automotive Innovation with data provided by IHS Markit as of December 31, 2018.

New Purchases


Vehicles Sold

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Gasoline Stations 475
Electric Charging Stations 39
Biodiesel Stations 1
Compressed Natural Gas Stations 0
Hydrogen Stations 0
Liquefied Natural Gas Stations 0
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Stations 3


$33,071 Average MSRP Per New Car


$86,211 Median Household Income


$7,184 Median Monthly Household Income


$504 Median Monthly New Car Payment


7.01% Monthly Car Payment As A Percent Of Monthly Income (%)

Commuting to Work