Auto Innovators' Annual Symposium 2024

InterContinental Washington D.C. - The Wharf
December 3, 2024

Driving Innovation: How the Automotive Industry is Reshaping the US Economy

December 3, 2024

Join us at the Intersection of Innovation, Influence and Investment.

The automobile has become the critical platform of innovation and investment sparking tectonic change across the US industrial base. The speed of innovation is dependent upon access to capital through public markets, private equity, and venture capital that must choose where best to invest for growth. Where will investors focus as innovation competes for capital?

Today, the U.S. auto industry supports 10 million jobs, 5 percent of GDP and pumps $1 trillion into the economy every year. What will tomorrow bring?


From innovations and investments in roads and bridges, to new sensors and communication technologies, to new demands on energy, computing, data and AI, raw materials, and manufacturing, the automobile has become a global catalyst for the next wave of industrial innovation.

What impact will the 2024 elections have on automotive policy and the environment to invest in innovation?

Find out on December 3rd at Auto Innovators’ Annual Symposium.



·        Driving change across the US industrial base
·        Intersection of Innovation and Investment
·        Role of Policy and Regulatory Certainty
·        Defining the New Value Chain of Innovation
·        New Opportunities for Investment


The Impact on the US Industrial Base: The transformation of the automotive industry goes beyond the vehicles we drive. Join us as we explore the profound effects on the US industrial base, including physical infrastructure such as roads and bridges to compute, data storage and the expanding demands on the energy industry. Delve into discussions on the evolving energy infrastructure, technology roadmaps, and the changing ecosystems and supply chains necessary to support innovation. Uncover the policy decisions shaping the industry, from Infrastructure, Investment and Jobs Act, to privacy, AI, electric vehicles (EV), and environmental considerations.


Intersection of Innovation and Investment: The automotive industry stands at a crucial intersection of innovation and investment. Explore how automobiles have become the platform for innovation, influencing multiple industries and technologies. Gain insights into the dynamic landscape where innovation meets investment, driving the next wave of advancements in the automotive sector.

New Opportunities for Investment: Discover the emerging opportunities for investment rooted in the transformation of the industry model and the evolution of automobiles. Our expert speakers will highlight the key areas where investors can capitalize on the changing dynamics, fostering growth in both traditional and emerging markets.

Policy and Regulatory Certainty: Stability is key for investment, and we'll delve into the importance of policy and regulatory certainty. Explore how a stable environment, shaped by clear policies and regulations, paves the way for sustained investment in the automotive industry and its related sectors.

Focusing Investments spanning New Mobility Ecosystem: As the new mobility ecosystem takes shape, where should investors focus to accelerate growth? Our panels will provide valuable insights into the strategic areas and emerging trends that present unique opportunities for investors looking to be part of the transformative journey in the automotive industry.

Insights from Industry Leaders

Breakout Sessions

Session 1: Automobiles: The Catalyst for Industrial Innovation

Explore how the latest advances in automotive technology, from electric vehicles to autonomous driving, are impacting manufacturing decisions and designs all the way up the industrial value chain. Understand the weighty impact of consumer-driven change on the automobile industry and the future of mobility. Industry experts will share their insights on how these innovations are reshaping the US industrial landscape across multiple sectors.

Session 2: Economic Dynamics and Job Growth

Gain a comprehensive understanding of how the innovations in the automotive sector contribute to economic growth and innovation across myriad industries. Our panel of economists and industry leaders will discuss the ripple effect on manufacturing, AI, urban design, local economies, job creation, and the broader national economic landscape.

Session 3: Government and Industry Collaboration

Discover the pivotal role of collaboration between government agencies and private sector entities in fostering innovation. Learn about current initiatives, policies, and partnerships that aim to drive technological advancements while ensuring national security.

Session 4: Where to Invest and Why

The dynamic change of the automotive industry is driving innovation across the newly defined innovation ecosystem that is necessary to nurture. Find out what types of investments are needed to accelerate innovation. What are good segments for institutional investors, private equity investors, angel funders, and others.

Connecting Innovators Networking Reception: (5pm-6:30pm)

Conversations with fellow attendees, industry leaders, policymakers, and innovators during our networking reception. Develop valuable connections and explore potential collaborations to drive innovation in the automotive sector.

Who Should Attend?

This is a must-attend for industry professionals, policymakers, financial and industry analysts, and investors keen on understanding the essential relationship between innovation, investment, and policymaking in the transforming US auto industry.

Don't miss this opportunity.