Level 2 Driver Monitoring Principles

Auto Innovators principles proactively address effective driver monitoring systems for Level 2 vehicles, in which both lane centering and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) are simultaneously engaged. These features can help save lives by assisting drivers and reducing the potential for human error that could result in a crash, but not designed to operate independently of a human driver.

The principles outlined by Auto Innovators are focused on driver monitoring that determine or infer when a driver is not paying sufficient attention to the driving environment. The principles are broken down into several key areas, including consumer information, driver monitoring as a standard feature for Level 2 systems, driver warnings, re-engaging the driver, misuse and abuse, and camera-based systems. They incorporate important recommendations from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Consumer Reports, National Transportation Safety Board, and EuroNCAP.

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Dig Deeper: NHTSA’s Standing General Order on Crash Data

We strongly support the goal of increased transparency and awareness of the safety performance of these systems based on real-world data. That said, it is also critically important the data is released in a way that allows NHTSA and the public to accurately assess the safety performance of these systems.