American International Automobile Dealers Association — Shifts in Auto Industry Lead to Merger of Washington Lobbying Groups
The two primary trade associations for automakers in the U.S. have merged in a bid to bolster the industry’s influence in Washington as decisions are being made on trade, environmental and technology policies that could impact carmakers for decades to come. Bloomberg reports that the new group, called the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, combines the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and the Association of Global Automakers into a single entity representing nearly every global auto manufacturer, several large parts suppliers and other newer entrants in the sector, the group announced Wednesday. “This is an opportunity to be the singular, clear and respected voice for the auto industry, and I mean the auto industry broadly defined,” said John Bozzella, the new group’s chief executive officer, who previously headed the Association of Global Automakers. “Toyota believes the new association merges the best of both former organizations to speak in a more unified and effective manner on issues affecting the auto industry,” said the automaker reacting to news of the new association.

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