October 12, 2021 Market Report

Get Connected: Electric Vehicle Quarterly Report (Q2)

The Alliance for Automotive Innovation released its first-ever Get Connected Electric Vehicle Quarterly Report (Get Connected), providing a unique overview of zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) sales, plug-in hybrid, battery and fuel cell electric vehicle (EV), for the second quarter of 2021, trends in ZEV adoption by vehicle type and state-by-state purchases, and updates on the development of U.S public charging infrastructure.

This new quarterly report is part of the Auto Innovators’ broader initiative to achieve a safer, cleaner, and smarter transportation future through widespread EV adoption. This will serve as a useful tool to analyze trends in EVs across the United States.

Key takeaways from this edition:

- We are now seeing strong momentum in the EV market, as quarterly growth shows. In the second quarter, ZEVs represented 3.8 percent of overall new vehicle sales, the highest for any quarter to date. Year-to-date, ZEV sales averaged 3.5 percent of the larger light-duty automotive marketplace. While momentum improves, these vehicles still represent a very small fraction of the overall market.

- Crossover utility vehicles have overtaken passenger cars in the ZEV market, and new models in other segments are being introduced and making gains. Monthly sales of battery and plug-in hybrid crossover utility vehicles have grown from less than 16 percent of the ZEV market at the start of 2020 to 50 percent in the second quarter of 2021. Automakers are committed to bringing more models to consumers – around 130 models are expected by 2026.

- In order for EV momentum to continue, infrastructure must be put in place to support these vehicles. Nearly one-third of all charging infrastructure and the only network of hydrogen fueling is located in California which supports the 41 percent of all registered ZEVs in the U.S.