April 26, 2022 Communications

New Episode of The Overtake Now Available: Driving Safely With AVs

Driving Safely With AVs


There are key questions that have emerged around the benefits of automated vehicles and how to bring them to market at scale, including efforts to increase public trust in AVs, how we measure and define “driving safely” in AVs, and the process of getting these vehicles on the road. Host John Bozzella discusses "driving safely in AVs" with Jack Weast, an Intel Fellow, the Chief Technology Officer for Intel’s Corporate Strategy Office, and the Vice President of Automated Vehicle Standards at Intel’s AV subsidiary, Mobileye. In this role, Jack leads a global team working on AV safety technology and the safety related standards needed for wide-scale AV adoption.

This podcast is presented by Intel, a global technology leader. Together with subsidiary Mobileye, Intel is revolutionizing technology for the automotive industry, delivering best-in-class automated driving solutions to make roads safer for all. Learn more at mobileye.com

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