May 20, 2020 Blog

Memo from John Bozzella

As I write this, the auto industry is beginning to restart production in an extraordinarily challenging time.  Suppliers and auto manufacturers are utilizing a host of health and safety protocols as they bring back the men and women who build cars and trucks in the world’s most competitive and vibrant vehicle market.

And as we get through and beyond the pandemic, we also have to continue improving fuel economy and reducing vehicle greenhouse gas emissions.

That’s why we were concerned to see a lawsuit seeking to freeze current fuel economy standards. This isn’t the time to abandon the progress and investment we continue to make.  Let’s focus on the bigger picture. The auto industry remains united in its desire for yearly improvements in fuel economy and greenhouse gas reductions. Automakers continue to bring highly fuel-efficient and electric-drive vehicles to U.S. consumers and support policies that increase the development of the electric vehicle market. Despite calls by interest groups for flat standards, our members are committed to increased standards that support investment in vehicles that improve fuel economy and greenhouse gas reductions, and that balance affordability, safety, and the environment.

Yes, automakers differ in their customer bases, in the segments in which they compete, and in their specific technology approaches, but there’s unanimity in the direction we should be traveling: forward.