March 31, 2021 Blog

From the Desk of John Bozzella: The Needed Measures for EV Success

In advance of the President’s trip to Pittsburgh to lay out his plans for infrastructure, a united auto industry laid out some recommendations of their own. You can read more about them here. There is a lot to do if we are to reach our shared vision of a net-zero carbon transportation future and a shift to electric-drive vehicles, but we can make it happen—and the auto industry is fully engaged, investing a quarter-trillion dollars by 2023.

I’ve been in this industry a long time and witnessed a lot of change.  But this is different.  This isn’t just a new technology or evolutionary step.  This is revolutionary and it’s bigger than any single industry or government.

However, neither the current trajectory of consumer adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), nor existing levels of federal support for complementary public policies, is sufficient to meet our goal of a net-zero carbon transportation future.

In the auto industry’s letter to President Biden and congressional leaders, we reiterated the need to develop a comprehensive national vision and strategy that will place the U.S. at the forefront of creating a cleaner future for motor vehicle transportation.

I’ve long believed that nations that lead the development and adoption of innovative technologies will also shape supply chains and job creation, define global standards and, potentially, reshape the international marketplace.

This will require partnerships with government, including state and local officials and other key sectors. And it will require a broad focus on three key segments: consumers; infrastructure; and innovation manufacturing and supply chain security. Our letter to President Biden reflects areas where we have general alignment, understanding that if we don’t have a comprehensive plan for a net-zero carbon future, our nation will fall short of this goal.

In 2020, two percent of new vehicles purchased in the U.S. were EVs. The coming years will be pivotal to building a strong foundation to support increased sales and use of electric vehicles.  The road leads to an increasing electrified future. Let’s drive there together.