October 19, 2021 Blog

From the Desk of John Bozzella: A Milestone in Automotive Cybersecurity

With the recent release of the first-of-its-kind global standard for automotive cybersecurity, the auto industry has achieved a milestone in its ongoing efforts to combat cybersecurity threats. On September 3, the industry’s two largest standards bodies – SAE International (SAE) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) – announced the publishing of ISO/SAE 21434, Road Vehicles – Cybersecurity Engineering. This multi-year effort involved work by more than 100 public and private sector experts from 17 nations.

The new ISO/SAE standard represents broad industry consensus on standardizing a risk-based approach to automotive cybersecurity engineering. It specifies cybersecurity risk management requirements for electronic vehicle systems throughout a vehicle’s lifecycle. As a baseline for vehicle manufacturers and suppliers to address cybersecurity governance, the standard will benefit all stakeholders in the automotive supply chain, starting with OEMs and suppliers and extending to consumers.

There is no doubt that innovative vehicle technologies – including connectivity, electrification, and automation – are driving us to a cleaner, safer, and smarter future. The evolution of vehicles from physical machines into increasingly software-dependent and connected platforms, is reshaping the relationship between vehicles and their users. These innovations also impact the broader ecosystem of connected infrastructure, devices, features, and stakeholders. The benefits of this transformation have the potential to be profound. 

The reality of an increasingly digital and connected world includes new threats and cyber risks. The automotive technologies driving this transformation, are no different. That’s why cybersecurity is crucial to realizing the safety, privacy, environmental, and societal benefits of vehicles with advanced technologies. 

The automotive industry understands the realities of a connected world and takes cybersecurity risks seriously. Part of that is continuing to work proactively to build security into its products and services and to collaborate on the development of tools that can support the industry’s overall cybersecurity posture. And that is why the industry has produced this groundbreaking new global automotive cybersecurity standard.

The auto industry has entered a new era of rapid innovation. Cybersecurity is at the core of a smarter transportation future.