1. What is the point of the Auto Tech Showcase?

The big picture idea is to put the industry’s innovative and emerging technology into the hands of our federal policy makers to educate them on the capabilities and limitations while simultaneously delivering our advocacy around those technologies. In other words, the intent of this event is to educate and advocate.

2. Do I need to pay to participate in the Showcase?

Governing Members of Auto Innovators are provided the Bronze sponsorship level at no additional cost. Non-Governing Members may participate in the Showcase by sponsoring the event starting at the Bronze level ($5,000). All participants may sponsor at a higher level at their discretion.

3. If I want to sponsor at a higher level, do I still need to pay the $5,000?

No, your sponsorship provides your spot in the showcase. If you want to sponsor at a higher level, say for example the Silver level, you would pay $10,000 for the sponsorship, which includes your participation in the event.

4. What is included with my exhibit?

The footprint of each space will start at 20’ x 50’ and includes a 10’ x 10’ tent enclosed on three sides, a power strip, a 6’ table with covering, and two folding chairs. The footprint should accommodate two full-sized vehicles in addition to the tent. Participants are able to enhance their space with add-ons, including increased tent sizes, for an additional cost. The cost structure is available in the exhibitor packet.

5. How many vehicles can I bring?

The footprint provided at the Bronze level of sponsorship (Governing members included) is 20’ x 50’. This should accommodate space for two full-sized vehicles (e.g., Ford F-150) and the included 10’ x 10’ tent. You may be able to incorporate three smaller vehicles into that space, or you may consider increasing your sponsorship level in order to expand your footprint. Please consult Auto Innovators staff if you wish to bring more than two vehicles so that we may assist in the logistical planning.

6. Can I bring both static and dynamic demonstrations?

Yes, providing static vehicles does not preclude you from also bringing a vehicle for dynamic demonstrations. Dynamic demonstrations will be held in a different part of the venue, therefore you must plan to have a representative to staff each static and dynamic demonstration accordingly.

7. What type of dynamic demonstration can I bring?

The only limitations for dynamic demonstrations are the logistical limitations of the venue. You may consider a closed course demonstration such as Automatic Emergency Braking, for example, or a Ride and Drive demonstration that is conducted on the public streets surrounding the venue. For closed course demos, higher speed demonstrations will require additional approvals from the National Park Service (see next question).

8. What is the speed limit for the dynamic demonstrations?

The dynamic demonstrations will be held on Ohio Dr., which encircles the venue. The posted speed limit is 15 mph, however for demonstrations that require higher speeds, justification will need to be provided to the National Park Service and approved. Higher speed demonstrations may require additional logistics to ensure safety of the event, such as barriers, fencing, etc.

9. Will there be time available for set-up and break-down?

Yes, Monday, September 25th will be available for set-up and Thursday, September 28th will be available for break-down.

10. Will power be provided to my tent?

Yes, each tent will receive a standard power strip with 110V outlets. There will be sufficient amperage to run basic electronics (powering a laptop, charging a cell phone, etc.); however, should you need higher amperage for your demonstration, please advise Auto Innovators staff.

11. Will the tents be set up on grass or asphalt?

The current plan is to place all participant exhibits on asphalt. Participants may request flooring to be provided for their tent at an additional cost.

12. Is the event being held rain or shine?

Yes, the Showcase is being held over two days and will be held rain or shine.

13. Will media be invited to this event?

Yes, we will be inviting (friendly) media outlets to attend. The primary focus will be on the opening remarks but may be present throughout the event.

14. Are non-Auto Innovators Members allowed to participate in and/or sponsor this event?

Yes, we have invited select non-Members to participate in the Auto Tech Showcase. Non-member participants will have the opportunity to also sponsor the event. Any demonstrations or materials to be presented by non-Members will be thoroughly vetted by Auto Innovators staff to ensure that the demo aligns with the theme and messaging of the event.

15. Will security be provided for this event, particularly overnight?

Yes, security will be provided for this event, including overnight. The exhibitor tents are also capable of enclosing all four sides for increased security overnight.

16. What do I need to include in my proof of insurance?

Please include the name of the policy holder, the policy number, the effective dates, and the coverage limits for liability coverage at a minimum. If you have coverage beyond liability, feel free to include details but it is not required.