Exhibitor Registration & Questionnaire

Please register to ensure Limitation of Liability is signed.


As a reminder, all materials that will be displayed or distributed must comply with National Park Service (NPS) guidelines and must be approved by NPS for use in advance of the event. The guidelines are included in this packet for your reference. The exhibitor website has event logo files for download. This includes:
● All signage
● Teamwear
● Branded giveaways
● Vehicle and equipment branding
● Handouts
● Videos
● PowerPoints
● Swag
Any company that does not receive approval on materials may be subject to fines by the National Park Service. Please contact with any questions or concerns related to your submission. We kindly ask that each company submit all completed display and signage materials by September 8. If you have already submitted your materials, please expect initial feedback on your submissions within 5 - 7 business days. Final NPS approval will vary on a case-by-case basis.


We kindly ask that each member company arrange for vehicles to arrive no later than Monday,
September 25 at 12 p.m. Guidelines for load-in and load-out are listed below:

● Member company vehicle and display technology load-in opens at 6 a.m. on Monday,
September 25
● Member company vehicle and display technology load-out will take place on Wednesday,
September 27 (4 p.m. - 8 p.m.) and Thursday, September 28 (6 a.m. - 7 p.m.)

Arrangements can be made for member companies who may need to arrive/depart earlier or later
than the requested deadline.
Load-in location will be confirmed by the NPS and Park Police shortly but will be located on Hains
Point and a specific area will be reserved for trailered vehicles.

Please contact to coordinate options for an alternative timeline
as soon as possible. Further information on load-in and load-out and placement will be provided
within 10 days of the event.


Members will have the option to utilize an advance warehouse to ship and store display items that will be used at the Auto Tech Showcase. The warehouse is able to accommodate vehicle deliveries and storage. Should you need advance vehicle accommodations please reach out to to identify a parking area.
Companies will coordinate directly with our third-party vendor to ensure shipping and delivery of all items at the event.
If you need to utilize this service, please download and complete the forms attached and return to Upon submission, you will be connected directly with the Advance Warehouse partner to coordinate the logistics of your order, including any specific needs to drop off or set-up exhibit items at the event.
Forklift Rental and Operator
Member companies that do not use advance warehouse services will be responsible for the shipping and delivery of their exhibit items and displays. Forklift rentals are offered for an additional fee. Attached is the base pricing and information to rent the forklift and operator for a dedicated period of time. Limitations may apply.


Internet Connection
Cellular connection is available at Hains Point, but the Showcase will not provide WiFi. Exhibitors
are welcome to procure hotspots for personal use, and power sources will be provided in each tent
to accommodate.

Extension Cords
A standard 120V extension cord will be provided per tent. Exhibitors who require more outlets are
encouraged to bring their own technology that meets their specification requirements.

Power will be supplied to all exhibiting companies. The standard power source will be shared
among all exhibitors. In some cases, specific demonstrations may require dedicated generators to
power their displays or an alternative power source. If this applies, please communicate your exact
specification requirements as soon as possible to receive your custom quote for your generator.
NPS regulations do not permit individual companies to bring their own generators to this event.

Booth Enhancements
All exhibitors should have received a list of available booth enhancements that are available,
including furniture, flooring, tent upgrades, monitors, and more. All enhancements come at a
premium and at an additional cost to the exhibitor. Please communicate any booth enhancements
needed as soon as possible to ensure availability.


We ask that all exhibitors share a description of their display of no more than 50 words for the guest
map at the event. This description should hit on the high level focus areas of the exhibit as well as
list specific technology that will be showcased.




Hains Point/Exhibit Space Maps


Auto Tech Showcase Logos


Stakeholder Summary